Corporate Social Responsibility


At Apsis, we take our social responsibility seriously. We aim, as a company and an employer, to have a positive impact on society – economically, environmentally and socially. This work is often referred to as Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR.

Our daily work is guided by our Core Values. This is an important tool for our employees as it helps each and every one of us to make the right decisions.

We believe that Apsis as a company can do a lot to promote positive change in the world around us.

As part of our ongoing work with CSR, every year at Christmas we donate a part of our profits to organizations that work to change and improve something they believe in.

In 2012, we chose to support three different organizations. Our customers and newsletter subscribers helped us distribute the donations through a special e-mail message, where you could see how much each organization received - in real time.

The total amount was € 7 500.

Friends of Portee

The non-profit organization Friends of Portee helps children in war-torn Sierra Leone to go to school. The organization runs a program for school lunches where students are served a nutritious meal. The goal is to make a contribution that is sufficient to support all children in the program, one day a week for a whole academic year.


Our contribution: 75% of the proceeds have gone to fund school lunch for a day for 400 children and teachers. The remaining 25% goes to a motivational project for street children.

Save the Orangutan

Save the Orangutan works to save endangered orangutans and their habitat - the rainforest. They rescue wild orangutans who have had their natural habitat destroyed and rehabilitates orphaned orangutans. The goal is to bring as many orangutans as possible back into the wilderness, where they belong.


Our contribution: We have adopted an orangutan! She is called Titin and – as many other orangutans – had a difficult childhood. Today she is a strong, independent orangutan who choose to live by herself - even though there are several males in the area who would like to keep her company. The single mother of two will hopefully be released back to the wild within a year.

Plant a tree

Plant a Tree Today (PATT) is a foundation that works to combat deforestation and climate change through forest restoration. Their main goal is to raise awareness of global environmental issues and to campaign for better environmental management.


Our contribution: We will plant an Apsis forest. Our contribution covers soil preparation (weeding and clearing of undesirable vegetation), the purchase of appropriate native trees, planting and care of the trees (weeding, fire protection, watering).

Red Cross

“The intensive clearing work in the Phillipines is still ongoing, as well as the struggle to supply victims with water, food and more permanent shelter.
To meet the great demand for food, the local Red Cross community, supported by the larger organisation, has distributed food parcels as well as cooked food to over 1 million people in need.
We wish to extend a big “Thank you” for your donation towards the Red Cross effort in the Phillipines.”
Anna Engstrand, Project Manager Red Cross Sweden