The history of Apsis is in many ways the history of how email marketing has developed through the years. It is a journey that has seen email evolve into a more mature communication channel. Less technical and more intuitive. Less intrusive and more wanted.

Apsis was founded around the time when the internet became widely used. Many companies were interested in all the possibilities, but had a conception of what communication was all about that dated back to the twentieth century.

I wondered why more companies weren't interested in the needs and desires of their target audience. Why waste time and resources on a one-way communication that will be forgotten and may cause badwill?

What if there was a tool for marketers that would let them focus on creating great content and communicating more easily with their recipients?

The solution was email. A communication channel that is different for the recipient. Not intrusive, but welcome.

APSIS Pro has always been intended to be easy to learn, efficient to use and profitable for the user. Email is center stage, whether you send offers, surveys, SMS, use social media or invite people to events.


I am certain that if you use email marketing today, you already know that it is a great way to communicate. To you, I would like to say: learn more – the possibilities are unlimited!

And if you consider starting with email marketing, I would like to say: welcome. I am convinced that it is a step that will make your marketing more personalized, more relevant and more profitable.

At Apsis, we are ready to help you succeed!

Anders Frankel, founder of Apsis