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How Android 5 Lollipop will affect your email marketing

Android 5 Lollipop is the latest version of Google's operating system for mobile devices. Despite its name, it is not a sugary treat for anyone who likes sending email. This is because Google has opte… Read more

Happy Halloween! The worst email mistakes.

Happy Halloween! The worst email mistakes. Halloween is scary – but sending newsletters can be even scarier. Check out this infographic for the ghastliest email howlers. Like it? Don't hesitate t… Read more

Gmail Inbox, Apple Watch and Google Glass- 3 new ways to read email

Lately, there has certainly been no shortage of tech announcements with regards to email. In this article we take a look at three of them: Gmail’s new app ”Inbox”, the soon to be released Apple Watch… Read more

Why is it sometimes so hard to stay focused?

Why is it sometimes so hard to stay focused? Focus. I often try to remind myself to stay focused during the day. Focus - don’t get distracted. Saying it out loud makes it even more important. Normall… Read more

Email Marketing Evolved 2014

The Email Marketing Event of the Year! October 1 in Stockholm. Topic this year: Email and marketing automation – The bigger picture Read more and register » Email Marketing Evolved is the… Read more

How Addnature activated their customers and sold 1000 headlamps

– All with the help of a truly enganging email campagin Using a creative take on email marketing, Addnature raised their opening rate to 45%, sold out stock and increased their upsales towards pas… Read more

Inactive subscribers Rubbish or Goldmine

A while ago, I had a discussion with some colleagues regarding inactive subscribers.Some of them said that those subscribers are useless - it is better to delete them, as they won’t deliver any busin… Read more

Gmail disables image blocking and starts to cache images

This is how it affects email marketers Some days ago Google announced that Gmail will start handling images in emails in an improved way. Images will from now on be loaded automatically into emails. N… Read more

Success with anti-relevance

One company flipped the current attitude on relevance, and customers overpowered their website with sales. We caught up with Panduro Hobby, who changed their thinking and got it - spot on. When you… Read more

Infographic on Email Christmas 2013

Each day brings us closer to the busiest time of year for marketers. Please find our collection of thoughts and ideas - a list made to inspire, help and create email success. For this Christmas a… Read more


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