Strategy and email

A clear strategy makes it easier to create quantifiable targets and improve your marketing. Here you will find our articles and videos on email and strategy.

Inactive subscribers Rubbish or Goldmine

A while ago, I had a discussion with some colleagues regarding inactive subscribers.Some of them said that those subscribers are useless - it is better to delete them, as they won… Read more

How to grow your email list faster

How to grow your email list faster One fundamental truth in email marketing is that the more qualified email addresses you have on your list, the more clicks, sales, registrations… Read more

How email and social improve your results

Content marketing Part 2: How email and social improve your results The rebirth of content marketing owes much to all those new online channels and media where content can be cre… Read more

How "triggers" and "service" boost your email marketing results

When people sign up for your emails, you probably send them a welcome message. For good reason: we often see clickthrough rates more than double those of typical promotional email… Read more

The Five Keys to Email Marketing Success

Accelerating your email marketing program into overdrive takes effort and analysis. Before beginning, perform a pulse check to determine where you are today. This will establish a… Read more