Employees talk about what it is like to work at Apsis

We meet three employees: Carina Carlén, who is new to the production department, Robert Hong at Support and Kim Palmquist, head of export sales and responsible for entering new markets.


What is it like to work at Apsis?

There is a kind of pioneering spirit, even though it is a large company. Everything is possible and nothing is written in stone. When I researched Apsis before I started, I got a positive image of a company that is moving forward. That impression fits well with the reality.


Apsis is a dynamic workplace with full speed ahead all the time and I appreciate that. Competent and ambitious employees contribute significantly to the success we have experienced at Apsis. The ambition and the desire to ensure high customer satisfaction creates a work environment that I am happy to be involved in and find stimulating. We want to progress and we want to succeed. That creates an energetic atmosphere.


How did you find Apsis? What was it that attracted you?

Apsis gave me the opportunity to work internationally. Working with Export Sales has given and gives me a lot and even though I had previous experience abroad, Apsis has made me take further steps and develope  my professional capacity. I got the opportunity to travel frequently and it was crucial for me when I accepted the position. I simply wanted to see the world, and I have certainly got the opportunity.


One of the reasons that I applied was that I wanted to be in a place where I can make a difference. I wanted to get a chance to be a part of something that is developing, going forward. I felt that Apsis was a company of the right size for me. It is large enough to provide opportunities to grow, yet small enough for me to know that my effort means something.


I come straight from school, so I was open to many possibilities. But Apsis got my attention early. It was a combination of many things - the location, a great job offer - but not least, the possibilities in the future. I know Apsis is growing and I think there is room for me to grow here too!

What is the best thing about your job? The biggest challenge?

It was actually a challenge to get started, it is fast paced and a lot to learn. Even if you have a good foundation from school, it is different to do things "for real". But it was a good feeling to have nice colleagues who supported me in the beginning. We work closely together and always have an open dialogue. That is probably the best thing about the job, the feeling of being a team, working together.

Many people believe support just a matter of answering questions. And it is part of the job to give quick answers. But much of the work is about finding the right way to solve a problem. Many times it is a bit like detective work, where we will dig deeper into technical issues.

The best part is that you so often get direct feedback from customers. You feel you can make a real effort to make their everyday lives better. But it is a challenge to understand the customer's work process - there are major differences to our customers, ranging from small companies to large corporations. The level of knowledge and experience of our system varies, but it is also part of the charm - to find the right solution for the right customer.

I am motivated by seeing my team succeed and I feel joy when our sales team closes sales on their own in markets that are more complicated than what we are used to at home. Cheerful, energetic and successful co-workers are the best part of my job. The biggest challenge lies in adapting Apsis' business model and approach to markets that are commercially and culturally different.


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