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Wilhelm Sahlberg

Automating your communication: How and why?

We will take you through the logic of automations in the digital marketing world. Do you really need it, how does it work and what results can you expect?


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Noemi Gobel

7 Writing hacks every marketer should know

Who doesn’t want to improve their content? Take this chance to learn 7 hands-on writing tricks you can take back with you to the office and start using immediately!

Date: 19th January
Time: 09.00-09.30 CET
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Petra Auoja

List hygiene, opt-in, opt-out: What does it all mean, and how does it work?

We will give you our best tips and tricks on how to create a powerful, 
converting and growing recipient list.

Date: 10th February
Time: 09.00-09.30 CET

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Sanna Ramfors

Increase your E-commerce with the power of email

This practical, hands-on webinar is for anyone interested in how e-commerce can boost YOUR own sales using the power of email, optimised product pages and product recommendations.

Date: 23rd February
Time: 09.00-09.30 CET
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Johan Axelsson Olander

How to use dynamic forms for business impact

Learn the basics of marketing automation with us: creating easy automation flows, forms that convert, and other inspiring tactics.

Date: 9th March
Time: 09.00-09.30 CET

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Emil Eriksson

Solve online abandonment & increase customer satisfaction

Find out the latest insights on using data in a smart way to increase conversions, improve your customer experience and save time and resources at the same time!

Date: 23rd March
Time: 09.00-09.30 CET

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Mikael Bergkvist

Improve your efforts with smart CRM integration
Get a handful of tips and tricks about providing relevant content to your audience using smart CRM integrations. Your best way to become a CRM champion!

Date: 6th April
Time: 09.00-09.30 CET

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Anders Hilmansson

Are all the legal aspects of your stored customer data prepared for data-driven marketing? Learn what you need to know from our APSIS Legal Counsel's inspirational presentation.

Date: 13th April
Time: 09.00-09.30 CET

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