Stronger CUSTOMER RELATIONS with email

How to take your email marketing one step further

Professional newsletters – and so much more

Apsis is a market-leading email service provider, largest in the Nordic countries.

We develop software and systems that help you use email and other digital marketing channels to communicate and sell more effectively.

Newsletters should be seen as much more than just one-way information or a way to sell products – they should be a tactical, integrated part of your market communication.

They should be used to strengthen your brand and your customer relations. With a solid strategy, your newsletters will transform from one-way information to highly efficient email marketing.

With APSIS Pro and our additional services, you will reach the full potential of your email marketing program.


Surveys, triggers and events – useful add-ons

Read more about our main product, APSIS Pro, on the following pages. Take a look at our additional services while you are at it! The will make your email marketing even more powerful and efficient.

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