Optimise your sendings with

APSIS Split test

With APSIS Split Test, you can evaluate and optimise your emails before sending. Measure the effect of different subject lines, send times or content, and send the winning email automatically. 

Do a split test and send the best version automatically

A/B testing is a useful method for gauging the impact of your emails. Create up to over ten different versions of the email you wish to test, and send it to a limited number of recipients. Based on your KPIs APSIS Pro will automatically deliver the winning version to your recipients.


A/B testing allows you to:

  • Increase opening and click frequency for your campaigns
  • Learn more about your customers' behaviour
  • Do intelligent email marketing based on facts - not gut feeling



How it works


How do I perform the test?

All target audiences has different preferences, and guessing on what works in your emails limits your possibilites to become really succesful. Was the campaign succesful because of the content? The offer? Or was it because the send time was right? How can you know for sure?

A/B testing allows you to test the future impact of your emails. To perform a test, create up to over ten different versions of your email and send them to randomly selected, equally large groups of recipients from your list. By looking at for instance opening rates or CTRs you can learn how to constantly improve your emailing and increase your marketing output.  


What can I test?

You can test everything in your message –but make sure you only test one thing at a time; to be certain on what made the differences on the impact . .

Here are some things you can test:

  • Subject lines
  • Style, colour and format
  • Different offers
  • Landing pages
  • Scheduling


APSIS Split Test - part of APSIS Pro

APSIS Split Test is a complementary product to APSIS Pro. Ask us questions or book a demo to find out more.