Mobile optimized email marketing from Apsis

More and more email are opend on mobile devices. To be successful as an email marketer today, you need a mobile strategy as well as tools that are specifically designed to take on the mobile challenge.

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Apsis Mobile Headline: a clear call-to-action for mobile readers

Apsis Mobile Headline is a feature in APSIS Pro that gives e-mail marketers the option to create different versions of their newsletters.

  • If the letter is opened on a computer, the regular version is shown.
  • If the letter is opened on a mobile device, a mobile version with a clear call to action is shown.

Mobile Headlines is especially suitable for newsletter campaigns that are informative and action-oriented, since the Mobile Headline is always linked to a specific call-to-action link.


Mobile Optimized Template

Mobile Optimized Template is a service that adapts your email for mobile devices. It customizes any newsletter to a single column newsletter, making it easy to read even on a small screen.

This is especially useful if you know that a large percentage of your recipients open your email on their mobile devices.

A great new feature is the possibility to use non-websafe fonts. This means that it is possible to use fonts that previously were impossible to use – giving mobile readers a great visual experience.