APSIS PRO –more than newsletters

Successful email marketing starts here.

Our system for email and digital communication is called APSIS Pro. It is a powerful tool that helps you strengthen your customer relationships.

APSIS Pro lets you:

  • Create professional newsletters with your company’s graphic profile

  • Fill your sendings with dynamic, personally targeted content

  • Get reports that let you analyze and improve

  • Complement your sendings with add-ons for surveys, events and triggered email

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Design professional newsletters

We have made advanced technology easy to use. APSIS Pro is a powerful tool that helps you make relevant and interesting newsletters. You quickly create attractive newsletters with templates that we develop according to your graphic profile.

Create dynamic and personalized content

The better you know your target group, the more relevant content you can create. Use the functions for segmentation and filtering – they help you create more targeted content with recommendations and links based on background information, clicks, date fields and survey answers.

It is possible to integrate APSIS Pro with most major CRM/CMS systems or e-commerce tools.

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Delivery as expected – every time

When you make a sending, it is vital that all your recipients are reached. At the right time, without delays. APSIS is a reliable supplier who take pride in deliverability.
The combination of technology, knowledge and experience gives you good conditions. The capacity is high – you can send four million letters every hour. All sendings are timed not to overload the receiving servers.



Better newsletters – every time

APSIS' reports, support and inspiration let you to learn from your experiences and develop your sendings. Link reports show clicks graphically. Trend reports show trends over time. Index and ROI reports allows you to compare your email marketing with other media.



Social Widgets - always up to date information

Newsletters are perishable. The more current and relevant information you send, the better chance you have of reaching your goals. Apsis Social Widgets lets you send information that is up to date the very moment the recipient opens your message - even if this occurs hours or days after you sent it. The technology is based on an RSS feed, and suits anyone who works with time-critical information - newspapers or travel agencies, for instance.





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