Email Marketing with APSIS Pro

Email Marketing improves customer loyalty, increases your sales and strengthens your brand. With APSIS Pro you work fast and create measurable ROI every day. Embrace the possibilites with intelligent Email Marketing. 

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Email Marketing with APSIS Pro

join 6,000 marketers in over 50 countries – choose APSIS Pro for your Email Marketing. Here are some examples of what you can achieve with APSIS Pro. 


We make sure your emails reach recipients at the right time.

Reach more subscribers and achieve higher subscriber satisfaction

  • Create forms to attract new subscribers from your website or Facebook page.
  • Import addresses from Excel and CSV or automate via API. Easily filter out doubles and deregistered subscribers. 
  • APSIS does not allow unauthorised use of bought addresses. We help you avoid sending spam that can block your mailings and damage your brand.

Get read on mobile and computer

  • You can design your own templates in APSIS Pro, if you want. Otherwise our expert designers will be happy to help you.
  • We make sure your design works optimally across email clients and mobile devices.
  • (By the way, did you know that 77% of Swedes read email on mobile devices today?)

Our studies show that more and more people read and act on newsletters via mobile. How mobile are your customers?



Need to send mailings during the holidays? It's no problem with time control. 

Organise your activities with clear work flows

  • Decide who can create, edit and determine what to send.
  • Control user access to address lists and drafts.
  • Control the time of mailings and updates.


Be relevant with personalised, dynamic e-mails

Use our integrations with MS Dynamics, Salesforce, LIME Pro and more. Save time and become more relevant with automated processes. 

Improve your communications every time based on statistics and analysis

Pressed for time? Our strategists can help you analyse your statistics and prepare a strategic plan.


Complementary products - get even more out of APSIS Pro
With APSIS Pro, you get a scalable solution that can easily be integrated with other systems and expanded with complementary products. You'll never risk outgrowing our solution. Get more out of APSIS Pro with:

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