Professional invitations with APSIS Event

Simplify your administration of seminars, trade fairs and other events and increase customer satisfaction. APSIS Event gives you full control of all your events. 

apsis-event-fa-overblick2.pngGet an overview

A timeline gives you an easy overview of your events. Here you can see all your planned mailings, e.g. reminders, SMS messages and evaluations.

apsis-event-bjud-in2.pngSend invitations

APSIS Event manages invitations via email and social media.

apsis-event-fa-svar2.pngGet answers

Automatic reminders encourage more people to join your event. Participants register directly via a web page. You can also send calendar notifications.



See who has joined

The participant list is continuously updated. It shows people who have joined, cancellations, absence, registrations, waiting list, contact details and any special preferences and requirements.



At the event location, you can check your visitors in with the continuously updated participant list on your iPad or computer. This unique function makes administration much easier.

apsis-event-visa-vagen2.pngGive directions

Invitations and confirmations can be automatically linked to the event location in Google Maps.




APSIS Event - part of APSIS Pro

APSIS Event is a complementary product to APSIS Pro. Ask us questions or book a demo to find out more. 


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