Efficient workflows with APSIS Pro Integrations

APSIS Pro offers standard integrations as well as a user-friendly API that allows you to work more efficiently, automate your communication and exchange data between APSIS Pro and your CRM, CMS or other systems. 

Questions about our Integrations?

Minimize administration and maximize control without data silos

Having silos of critical customer data creates serious issues for marketing and sales, with miss opportunities and potentially lost business opportunities. Integrating APSIS Pro with your CRM offers many advantages, such as: 

  • Possibility to do more personalised communication with customers or other target groups
  • Lowered administration costs and faster time to market with targeted campaigns 
  • Better opportunities for more in-depth analysis of the value of your email marketing and ROI
  • Higher benefits of Marketing Automation and Lead Nurturing programs

APSIS integrations via API

APSIS API allows you to tailor your integration to your needs and preferences.

Hundreds of customers and partners use the API for integration with their CRM and other customer-related systems.




APSIS Pro integrations with your CRM

Do you use one of the best-known customer relationship systems? Integrate it with APSIS Pro and simplify your marketing and sales by collecting your customer information in one place. 

 microsoft-dynamics-crm-logo.pngAPSIS integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and 2013

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

 salesforce-logo.pngAPSIS integration with Salesforce CRM

 Integration with Salesforce CRM 



APSIS Pro integrations with Google Analytics and APSIS Lead

In APSIS Pro you can tag up newsletters and content and then track the traffic they generate to your website. With APSIS Lead you can even see each visitors online behavior and design Lead reports or Lead Nurturing based on their specific interests. 

Integrations offered via APSIS partners

We also supply integrations with other systems via our technology partners to the following platforms: 

LITIUM - Litium Studio


Viskan - ETM

Visit Viskan


Stroede Ralton - Relation Plus

Visit Stroede Ralton


Backbone - Backbone CRM

Visit Backbone


Resolut - Resolut MRM

Visit Resolut


Panagora EDGE 
Visit Panagora


Lundalogik - Lime Pro
Visit Lundalogik


Vitec - Vitec Sales support

Visit Vitec


Avantime - EPISERVER

Visit Avantime


Wipcore - eNOVA
Visit Wipcore


Transticket - Ticketing System

Visit Transticket


Visit Technologies - Iticket och Citybreak
Visit Visit Technologies



Building integrations between APSIS and other systems

Are you interested in building integrations with others systems? Contact us to learn more about the possibilities, what resources we offer and how we can help you market your offering.


 Alexander Lindskog
 Nordic Partner Sales Manager
 Tel. +46 (0)734 155 811