Marketing Automation with APSIS Trigger

With APSIS Marketing Automation Trigger, you can create series of fully personalised mailings adapted to your customers' needs. Reach the right recipients with the right message at the right time. Powerful and fully automated. 

APSIS Trigger - part of APSIS Pro

APSIS Trigger is a complementary product to APSIS Pro. Get a smart presentation of the solution. 


Trigger emails or other communication

Make your emails more relevant – have your mailings triggered by customer events. Send automated, personalised communications: 

  • New customers
  • Birthday greetings
  • When contracts are due for renewal
  • To visitors showing specific interest in your website


Create a series of personalised messages

Tailor your email marketing with a series of messages that reach recipients at times when they will have the strongest impact. Things you can achieve:  

  • Stronger brand
  • Better customer relations
  • Clearer communication
  • Increased sales and higher yield on digital marketing investment


Easy measurement and streamlining of your campaigns 

In APSIS Pro you can clearly measure the performance of your marketing automation program and adapt your flows to achieve higher results. 

  • Build A/B flows and optimise your programs
  • Measure the number of clicks, openings and conversions in your programs
  • Create automatic reports for follow-up and evaluation 


We take responsibility for your success with marketing automation

At APSIS we have an in-house consulting department dedicated to creating successful email marketing and marketing automation for our customers. Things we can help you with: 

  • Analysis & advice – Identifying your opportunities with marketing automation
  • Strategy – Creating objectives, time frames and customised communication & design
  • Implementation – Structuring your action plan and supporting your implementation

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Marketing Automation & Lead Nurturing for B2B companies

Marketing Automation has many advantages in the B2B sector. Our customised B2B platform, APSIS Lead, allows you to create tailored customer communications as well as hot lead reports in real time for your sales team. 

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White paper on B2B Marketing Automation

In our white paper on Marketing Automation, we take a more in-depth look at case studies, analyses and technical and legal aspects. Download it free of charge.

Introduction to marketing automation