Avoid design flaws with APSIS Preview extended

Unsure about how your emails will look on your recipients devices? With APSIS Preview Extended, you can test your newsletters before sending – ensuring that your brand shines at all times.

See the results before sending

Assure the design of your emails  by checking for broken links, spam and display errors in the main email clients and mobile devices. Keep a detailed check on how you are received by your customers with APSIS Preview Extended. 





Spam test

Test your emails to make sure they are not classified as spam.



See your emails layout in the most common email clients and mobile devices to avoid design mistakes.


Automated Link check

Valid links are crucial to your success. With automatic link checks, you get an alert if something is wrong. 


APSIS Preview Extended - part of APSIS Pro

APSIS Preview Extended is a complementary product to APSIS Pro. Ask us questions or book a demo to find out more.