Choose the best version - automatically.

It is hard to know what will work before trying out. A split test is a good way to determine what the outcome will be for your mailing.

You make two versions of what you want to test, send to a limited amount of recipients - and wait for the result. The best version is sent automatically.

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How do I test?

It may be difficult to know exactly what it was that made your recipients to like a specific sending. Was it the content, the offer or just that the timing was right? How will you know for sure?

With split testing, you can predict the future for your own mailings. To do a test, you create two or more messages and send them to randomly selected recipient groups - equal parts of a larger list.


What can I test?

Everything in your campaign can be tested. But remember to only test one thing at a time - otherwise you may not know what it was that made the difference. Do not be afraid to make the two options to be tested radically different.
Here are some ideas of what you can try:

  • Subject lines
  • Shape, color and size
  • Different offers
  • Landing pages
  • Scheduling



APSIS SPLIT TEST is an add-on module to APSIS PRO. To get a demonstration of the module, contact us and we will show you how it works online.