Apsis Survey

Online surveys that show what people think, want and do.

Create, send and evaluate internet-based surveys in an easy and very cost effective manner. Use Apsis Survey, an add-on to Apsis Pro,  both externally for market surveys and internally to understand the opinions of your employees.

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Create surveys quickly and easily

Apsis Survey can be used for all types of surveys.

  • Combine query modules with your own questions

  • Customize questions with the target group's background data and with incoming replies

  • Specify the types of answers that can be given and any conditions for further questions

  • Create surveys easily and quickly with templates and modules

  • The templates follow your graphic profile

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Invite people to a survey by e-mail. Surveys can be be accessed by creating a link on a website.

You decide whether the survey should be open to everyone or only for invited participants. The time period can be set easily.




Act quickly

Notices can be sent directly to you as soon as the survey includes responses that you are particularly interested in.

Get the full report

Participants' answers are registered directly into our database. Standard reports and customized reports are available in real time with summaries and charts. The reports can be exported to the most popular formats.

Find trends

Filtering the reports allows you to easily compare different groups answers to the questions and find trends and correlations.