Start an automatic flow of email messages

A single sending to everyone you want to reach, containing everything you want to say, sent at once! That is the old, traditional method of managing email.

APSIS Trigger is a more dynamic way to send email. The Trigger service starts an automatic flow of messages that can be highly personalized. The recipient will get several relevant messages in a logical sequence, at times when he or she wants the information you send.

APSIS Trigger is a way to send right information, at the right time, to the right audience – automatically. It enhances the relationship with your customers.

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Trigger the message flow

As the name indicates, the flow of messages are triggered by something. This may be new subscribers, birthdays or other dates where something starts or finishes. Trigger is easily managed through our servers.


An automatic message flow

Once you have created the various messages that make up the message flow, just press the button. Trigger starts the message flow according to a predetermined time interval.


Personalized communication

The advantage is that the recipient feels that you support him or her by showing interest. This form of personal communication strengthens your brand and generates additional sales.



APSIS TRIGGER is an add-on module to APSIS PRO. To get a demonstration of the module, contact us and we will show you how it works online.