Engaging customers as people calls for observing the individual’s behavior, interests and preferences. Using insights as triggers to present the right product or information, to the right individual at the right time. This is what Apsis Triggers lets you achieve. You gain relevance and speed.

About Apsis triggers

Apsis Triggers are emails that are first activated by a specific visitor’s behavior or an event — then automatically sent to the individual at a pre-determined time. Apsis triggers are effective: research shows that triggered emails generate an average of 2.5 x more open rates and 2 x more unique click rates, compared to normal sendings. 

Ensuring your triggered campaigns are relevant, clear, personal and timely are the keys to successfully engaging customers. It is also important to consider today's mobile world, which calls for careful timing and using mobile optimized emails

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 Using Apsis Triggers means you 

  • Gain a clear picture of a customer’s interests, behavior, interactions and purchasing history
  • Engage customers with timely, relevant information and offers - right away, on any device
  • Automatically deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time to stimulate conversion and strengthen relationships
  • Act upon identified up-, cross- and next-sell opportunities
  • Create a seamless customer experience 

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Why & when to use

  • To recover lost sales
  • To gain fast ROI
  • If you suffer from high cart abandonment rate today 
  • Work with an easy-to-use marketing automation tool
  • Combine real-time marketing and personalized email sendings
  • Focus on delivering great customer experience


Key benefits

  • Easy to implement
  • Apsis manages the set-up, testing and launch
  • Integrates with all ecommerce systems
  • Easy-to-use
  • Easy-to-understand analytics: recovered value, recovered carts, recovery rate, most recovered items, uplift by recoveries, etc



APSIS TRIGGER is an add-on module to APSIS PRO. To get a demonstration of the module, contact us and we will show you how it works online.