Design of newsletters for mobile devices and computers

We help you design attractive templates that really get noticed on mobile devices and in the main email clients and match your graphic identity.

Our designers know all the latest trends and technologies for up-to-the-minute newsletter design. APSIS Pro contains standard templates to help you get started quickly.

However, most users want templates that match their graphic identity - right down to the tiniest details such as forms and buttons. While we create the design, you can focus on the content. Contact us to find out more.

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Newsletters on mobile devices

Our studies show that soon, more Swedes will be reading email on mobile devices than on computers. We design newsletters that reach right into your customers' pockets.

We offer two types of mobile design:



Left: Not Mobile-optimised, Middle: Mobile-optimised, Right: Mobile Headline

1. Mobile-optimised template - automatic adaptation

Mobile-optimised templates have the same logic as responsive design. The newsletter is adapted to a column, making it easier to read. 

You only create one version, which is automatically adapted to the recipient's device.


  • Automatic design adaptation
  • Clearer links that are easier to click
  • New feature! Now you can also use non-web-safe fonts.

2. Mobile headline - tailored mobile campaign

Mobile Headline allows you to great a separate, image-based version of the newsletter that is only displayed on mobile devices.

This format is especially suitable for campaigns with a strong call to action (CTA).


  • Separate versions for computer and mobile
  • Simple, image-focused design for mobile devices
  • Ideal for campaigns.



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