Graphic design and email templates for your marketing


To simplify your work in APSIS Pro, we have put a lot of resources into creating templates and modules that are easy to use, flexible and provide good conditions for email communication in various clients.

The template is used in APSIS Pro, where you without any prior knowledge may create professional and effective newsletters. Do you want to develop your marketing and get a custom design? Anything is possible!

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trigger-automatiskt-flode.pngStandard template

A good foundation. Basic features for those who want to get started quickly and easily. All new standard templates are adapted for use on mobile devices.



Customized template

With a customized template, you have the opportunity to determine the template size, layout and graphic appearance. In principle, it is only the imagination and some technical limitations that set the limits of what is possible.



It is important that all forms follow your graphic profile. With a designed form, you will get the opportunity to have background images and custom designed buttons and text boxes.