If you don't know where you are going, you will never get there.


Your personal strategic planner

APSIS Strategic Services is the overall name for our consulting services. Our strategic planners are experts in email communication and know how to integrate it with your overall marketing scheme as well as how to optimize it for all devices – computers, tablets and mobile smartphones. They understand your business, your industry and how recipients act and react based on years of experience.

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When you use Strategic Services, you will be allocated a personal strategic planner, who will work alongside you to optimize your email program, becoming an expert on your company and your unique requirements. You should consider us a partner sitting on the same side of the desk to help you meet your goals.

Some examples of what Strategic Services offers:

  • WORKSHOP. Focus on examples and inspiration for brainstorming new ideas
  • YEAR-LONG PROJECT PLAN. A detailed twelve-month project plan with "step-by-step" instructions for each tactical effort.
  • STRATEGIC ANALYSIS. A thorough review of all email communication with suggestions on future prioritized activities

Email success!

Here are a few examples where our strategic planners have had a significant impact on creating email success for our clients!

SEK 400,000.00 in additional revenue

A sports arena wanted to sell more season tickets. We segmented the recipients into three relevant groups with three different messages targeted at interest and customer level, which increased turnover by more than SEK 400,000.00.

From 5 to over 500 new subscribers a day

An e-commerce company created a new, optimized sign-up form. They went from five new subscribers a day to more than 500! At the same time the number of "active subscribers" (those who open, click, buy) increased by 84 percent.


One million SEK additional sales

Another e-commerce retailer created an optimized welcome message, including an offer. This message alone generated increased sales of more than SEK one million.

17,000 reviews from a survey

A retailer sent a post-purchase survey to its customers. They received 17,000 responses within six months of the survey having been sent out, which resulted in a lower rate of returns.


60% increase in the open rate

A consumer-oriented company needed help to create a Christmas campaign. We analysed the conditions and determined which recipients should receive the campaign, the messaging and the timing to deploy. The opening frequency increased by more than 60 percent, and the sales target by more than double when compared to the results of the previous years.

Website traffic increased more than 25%

We created a trigger or a mail-flow for a retailer where the message was sent based on recent website visits. This single message increased traffic to the website an additional 25%. In addition, we set up a post-purchase series of messages encouraging the customer to reorder within a certain timeframe. Conversions and ROI rates from these messages were more than triple the regular promotional newsletters.


Sales increased by 400 percent

A distributor of printed invitations began collecting information concerning subscribers who were planning to get married. Our strategist helped the client to segment this group and create a special wedding campaign during the typical seasonal period for weddings. As a result, sales of wedding products and card invitations increased by more than 400 percent when compared with the corresponding period the previous year.