Strategy & analysis for your Email Marketing

So now you've got a powerful Email Marketing tool. What happens next? Our strategists can help you set up powerful objectives, plans and evaluations.

Apsis tjänster inom e-poststrategi

From start to finish

You will be assigned a dedicated strategist who will help you through the whole process, from start to finish This gives you a reliable partner who knows your business. Think of it as having us on your side of the desk.

Some of the things we can help you with:


  • Workshops: Find your strengths and weaknesses, define actions and a strategy.
  • Monthly follow-up: A detailed 12-month project plan with step-by-step instructions for each action.
  • Analysis: A detailed study of the results of your newsletters and an action plan.

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Knowledge breeds success

Develop your knowledge with our manuals and reports on Email Marketing. Become a better strategist by improving your knowledge.

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 Why is strategy important?

Having a content strategy makes a difference. A study from Content Marketing Institute shows that
66% of B2B marketers with a documented strategy regard themselves as effective, compared with 11% of marketers without a strategy.

Here are some examples of how our strategists have made a difference:

60% increase in opening frequency

A consumer-oriented company needed help creating a Christmas campaign. We analysed the situation and identified which recipients they should send their emails to. We also defined an appropriate message and optimal sending times. Their opening frequency increased by over 60% and their sales more than doubled compared to the previous year.

Sales increased by SEK 1 million

An e-commerce company accompanied an offer with a specially formulated welcome message. This message alone increased their sales by over SEK 1 million.

Sales increased by SEK 400,000

A sports stadium wanted to sell more season tickets. We segmented the recipients into three groups with three different messages. This resulted in a SEK 400,000 rise in sales.

17,000 unique survey responses

A retailer sent a survey to customers who had purchased goods. They received 17,000 responses within six months after distributing the survey.

400% higher sales

A distributor whose products included printed invitations started collecting information about subscribers who were planning to get married. We segmented this group and created a special wedding campaign during a period when weddings are typically held. This resulted in a 400% increase in sales of wedding products and invitation cards compared with the previous year.

25% increase in website traffic

We created a trigger (news feed) that controlled the mailings on the basis of recent website visits. This increased traffic to the website by a further 25%.

From 5 to 500 new subscribers a day

An e-commerce company created a new way of subscribing to newsletters. As a result, their number of new subscribers increased from 5 to 500 a day and their active subscribers (openings, clicks, purchases) increased by 84%.

Meet a strategist

Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help you define a strategy for intelligent digital marketing.

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