The APSIS story

Since its inception in 2001, APSIS has become the Nordic market-leading provider of digital marketing solutions. Whether in email marketing, marketing automation or lead management, our experts combine technology with experience to guarantee you the perfectly personalised solution your business deserves.

A visionary and his dream

APSIS was created in 2001 by digital marketing entrepreneur Anders Frankel, who had a vision for a company providing well-designed marketing solutions to a digitally aware audience. Since then, APSIS has grown to more than 240 technological and creative professionals, with 6000+ clients internationally.

Rapid organic growth

The impressive scale of our growth is no accident. Conceived and nurtured in Malmö’s MINC incubator, we focused on developing digital marketing tools in-house, including software, support and knowledge-sharing events – all aimed at helping online marketers establish their brands and grow their businesses.

Advancing across borders

The demand for APSIS rose quickly, so we soon outgrew our MINC office and moved to larger headquarters in Malmö. We opened our Stockholm office in 2004, then we expanded to Oslo, Copenhagen and Helsinki: all of today’s leading Nordic business centres by 2007.

hong kong skyline landscape

Going global

In the meantime, the number of our clients was steadily growing throughout the world. We opened our Hong Kong office in 2009 to help our growing client base in Asian-Pacific countries fulfill their online marketing potential, which soon led to another new office in Singapore. But although we are very much present on the other side of the world, we’ve never lost sight of our Nordic origins and values.

Evolution: inside and out

After all that has happened, we’re not slowing down. We’re always evolving our innovative products and services, taking care of our growing number of clients and businesses and continuously building our team of dedicated APSIS professionals, whose expertise in digital marketing and automation are meant for you. Because the secret ingredient in our story is, ultimately, simple. Your success is our success. And we want to keep it that way.