APSIS and Innometrics join forces

Digital marketing company APSIS sets new standard with APSIS Open Marketing Hub, enabling customers to do truly integrated marketing - at their own terms. 

There’s a strong evolution in marketing towards targeted and data-driven marketing solutions, enabling marketers to address customers on a deeply individual basis. However, while this vision is well-founded and worthy of attention, too many implementations fail to deliver.

Although the concept of integrated marketing hubs is attractive to marketers, implementing existing solutions has proven to be both inefficient and very expensive - something we are going to change. Most solutions are closed systems, which theoretically can do everything; but at the end of the day, very few marketers are able to deliver on their plans. We believe that current solutions on market make both implementation and execution unnecessarily time-consuming and painful. Our goal is to enable customers to select the applications that are most efficient for their needs and connect them, so that they can secure smooth marketing operations”, says Mattias Ward, CEO at Innometrics.

The launch of APSIS Open Marketing Hub follows APSIS’ merger with Innometrics, a very strong company within data integration and profile cloud technology for marketers.

The acquisition brings us more than technology: it brings us extensive know-how within data-driven marketing in an open concept. After seeing the huge challenges of customers trying to fit their marketing into closed systems, we realized that an open marketing hub makes enormous sense. At the end of the day, we will only be successful when our customers are”, says Anders Frankel, CEO of APSIS.

The key differentiator between APSIS Open Marketing Hub and the solutions that currently dominate the marketplace is that while current solutions require companies to switch most of their marketing solutions to a single supplier (causing large and painful compromises), APSIS enables marketers to tie together the marketing solutions already in use to create truly personalised experiences.

The merger of APSIS and Innometrics is effective immediately.

APSIS is a digital marketing company that believes in enabling great marketing for its customers. Specialising in email marketing, marketing automation, lead management and e-commerce, APSIS provides online marketing solutions to more than 5000 clients globally. For more information, please check www.apsis.com.

About Innometrics
Innometrics is in business to change the way online marketing is run. With offices in Stockholm and London, Innometrics gives marketers across the globe access to single profiles of all their customers, pulling data from every silo, evolving in real-time and enabling truly personalised marketing. For more information, please check www.innometrics.com