Introducing: APSIS Marketing Automation

APSIS is proud to present our newest, most innovative solution yet for companies who want to develop and personalise their customer journey: APSIS Marketing Automation.

This new tool (a reincarnation of APSIS Lead Nurturing and APSIS Pro Trigger) makes it possible for companies to create engaging automation flows with highly relevant content for their customers. The easy drag-and-drop interface lets marketers customise each flow according to their specific needs; the intuitive dashboard shows the results of each automation campaign in real-time; and that data can be exported or imported according to what your company needs.

APSIS Marketing Automation helps companies achieve the ultimate goal in data-driven marketing today: personalisation. Each automated flow is triggered by users' behaviour, ensuring high relevance and increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Other features include:

  • Quality-check your leads before your marketing team hands them over to the sales team
  •  Build and create forms on the fly to set up conversion points connected to your automations. (Then push them to APSIS Pro or your own systems.)
  • Create reports ased on your automations to evaluate and improve your workflows.

Any questions? Check out our APSIS Marketing Automation page, or get in touch with us to find out more about the new tool today!