APSIS Pro for Zapier

On April 25, 2017, APSIS launched a brand new integration with online automation tool Zapier, opening up the way for users to connect apps like Gmail, Facebook, Slack and many more to their APSIS Pro account.

While APSIS Pro already provides integrations with different CRMs (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce), this new Zapier integration is one-of-a-kind in that allows you to connect 2 or more apps to APSIS Pro, in order to automate repetitive tasks without coding (or relying on developers) to build a separate integration.

This way your data and information can move between your web apps automatically, letting you can focus on your most important daily work.

How to use APSIS Pro for Zapier?

You can use APSIS Pro for Zapier to both trigger workflows in other apps and perform tasks that have been triggered by a workflow in other apps.

Trigger a workflow in APSIS Pro when:

  • a new attendee is added to a specific event
  • a new SMS has arrived in the SMS inbox

Perform tasks/actions in APSIS Pro like:

  • creating (or updating) a subscriber
  • sending a transactional email
  • sending an SMS
  • removing a subscriber from the opt-out-all list
  • updating the status of an event attendee

Get more details and examples by checking out our APSIS Pro for Zapier integration page here!