Meet APSIS One, our new platform for data-driven marketers

We’re proud and excited to announce the initial release of APSIS One: Our unique take on a Customer Data Platform. The new platform consists of Audience, Insights and easy-to-use tools for digital marketers. APSIS One is the result of a major initiative in product development, made possible by the acquisition of Innometrics and its Customer Data Platform - Profile Cloud in 2016.

APSIS One is a huge milestone in our history. We will become the smartest, easiest and most supportive guide into data-driven marketing. APSIS One allows us to do just that.

Emma Svalin, APSIS CEO

The first release will be APSIS One Essential, a starter pack for data-driven marketers that want to create a single customer view using native tools for email, marketing automation, SMS and Website as a communication channel. The new platform will use the best parts in our platforms for email marketing and customer data profiling. However, APSIS One is an all-new platform that is created from the ground up using state-of-the-art cloud technology and IT-infrastructure. APSIS One’s technological framework opens up a new playing field for supporting technologies such as AI and machine learning.

Jonas Bertelsen

We want to make digital marketing more fun and easy by putting the power of data into the hands of the marketer.

Jonas Bertelsen, APSIS CPO

- This is the first platform that combines CDP-capabilities for creating unified and persistent customer profiles with native tools for digital marketers. This way, marketers no longer have to involve a variety of 3rd party providers for tools such as email, SMS and website personalisation. APSIS One is an all in one platform that gives our customers a clear path to evolve their digital marketing, says Jonas Bertelsen, Chief Product Officer at APSIS.


When will APSIS One be available?

The first version of APSIS One will be made available for early adopters and paying customers during the first quarter of 2019. The solution available at launch is the first version APSIS One Essential. The early adopters has been selected to match the functionality in the first release of APSIS One.

Other products and services

APSIS’ existing products and services will not be affected by the launch of APSIS One. We as an organisation, will maintain our focus on enabling great marketing solutions to all our customers, regardless what platform they currently use. Do you have any questions about APSIS One in relation to your current solution? Please reach out to your dedicated account manager at APSIS.

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Our upcoming Seminar Tour introduces you to APSIS One in relation to the main challenges and trends in data-driven marketing.

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