APSIS welcomes several new customers to their all-in-one marketing platform

APSIS – one of the leading providers of marketing solutions in the Nordics – welcomes several new customers to their all-in-one marketing platform APSIS One. Some of the new customers are Parks and Resorts, LensWay, Tillberg Design of Sweden, Svedea, Fjordkraft, Friluftsfrämjandet, and Pharma Relations. 

With thousands of active customers in Scandinavia, many marketers know APSIS for their email marketing platform. But in 2016, APSIS began a journey to support marketers’ increased need for personalisation across all digital channels. Since then, APSIS has invested heavily in research and development, and acquired a Customer Data Platform (CDP) – previously known as Profile Cloud. The recent launch of APSIS One is a new milestone on their journey. And as an all-in-one marketing platform, APSIS One allows customers to use data from all their systems and channels to personalise everything from website interactions to SMS and paid social media.


The new platform has quickly picked up interest from a wide range of Scandinavian brands.

One of the new customers, Parks and Resorts – which includes several Swedish resorts such as Gröna Lund, Kolmården, Furuvik, and Skara Sommarland – has used APSIS since 2010. By now, they’ve bought APSIS One to be able to aggregate their data into one place and improve the customer journey. 


This is what Patrik Wiklund, Data Analytics Manager from Parks and Resorts, says about APSIS:


 - With APSIS One, we can get to know our guests and, thus, take the next step towards building even better relationships with them.

Patrik Wiklund, Parks and Resorts

Patrik Wiklund, Data Analytics Manager from Parks and Resorts

LensWay – the largest optic store online in the Nordics – is another customer that recently has chosen to buy APSIS One. Their goal with doing so, is to take the next step with their communications.

- To be able to take the next step – and work in a more data-driven way towards an optimal customer journey – we have now chosen APSIS One as a platform to realise our vision, says LensWays’

Christer Orrebrink, LensWay

A third customer is Fjordkraft – a national power supplier in Norway. This is what Janette Bjorøy, Marketing Director at Fjordkraft says about APSIS:

- APSIS provides us with a platform for both our customer data and customer communication - all in one place. This will help us target our marketing operations and increase our customer communication efficiency.

Janette Bjorøy, Fjordkraft

APSIS welcomes their new customers and looks forward to helping them create ease by providing them with their all-in-one platform including, for example, marketing automation, personalised email marketing, and smooth integrations.



About APSIS:

APSIS creates personal and scalable marketing solutions that help companies reach their audience better and grow their business faster. APSIS started over 18 years ago and they have been favoured by thousands of companies in the Nordics and beyond. APSIS has almost 300 employees around the world with offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Helsinki, Oslo, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, and Singapore. 




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