4 key building blocks for a CX ecosystem



Less than 12% of brands surveyed have built a dedicated Customer Experience team – a stat from the Customer Experience report we recently released that shows the relatively immature stage of development of marketers’ hottest topic.
The aforementioned report offers a wealth of intriguing insights around CX. With so many tools available and stakeholders involved, there is work to be done in the middle to ensure the people play their parts and are empowered to use the right tools in the most effective way possible.
How does a brand ensure they get off to a good start when developing a Customer Experience strategy? Here are four key elements when building a Customer Experience ecosystem…
A great customer experience is, by definition, built with the customer at the centre, around which there is an almost-never-ending stream of data across multiple channels. Using the data to derive actionable insights will help the business to both define and achieve its goals, so bringing all of this together is a sure means of establishing solid foundations on which to build.
Establishing good data standards also ensures that the ecosystem starts on a strong footing. The old adage of ‘rubbish in, rubbish out’ holds true for any technology or system, so collecting, processing and managing the increasing amounts of data is paramount to any customer-centric, digital strategy. It also helps to bring people and processes together, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
Mentioned as part of the aggregation process, data collection is futile unless something can be learned from it, or unless it can be used to some good effect.
This is the insight part – aggregating and standardising data can help to produce a single, complete view of every customer and prospect, which then needs to be used effectively to develop and enhance the customer relationship.
Even the best car in the world is fairly useless without a driver.
We are a long way off replacing the human elements of the ecosystem completely. Nonetheless the Technology’s role in developing a model and culture around CX is to drive the ability for brands to deliver it. People, processes, leadership and teamwork make the wheels go round, but the wheels need to be there in the first place.
These four pillars will hopefully provide guidance of thinking when considering building a Customer Experience team or function. Download the report: Customer Experience The Next Strategic Business Imperative to read more about the modern marketer’s role in CX.
This post was written by Martin Wallace.

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