Atrium Ljungberg



Sickla Shopping Centre stands on a site of industrial history. Atlas Copco had its operations here for al- most a century. Atrium Ljungberg has been mana- ging a rather special commercial centre here since 2005. The centre has nine buildings which house fa- shion, design and food as well as craftsmen, a cine- ma, a library, an education centre, health care, dental care and much more. A highly effective communica- tion system is required for the smooth running of 145 shops and businesses and to keep almost 500 sub- scribers up to date with important information. In other words, e-mail via APSIS Pro.


  • Need to effectively provide latest business information and news on what is happening locally
  • Variable amount of content throughout the year
  • Different businesses that need to get to know each other


  • 12 monthly newsletters via apsis pro to 500 subscribers - including stores, staff and managers


  • Easy-to-manage information system
  • Relevant content
  • Constantly improved newsletters thanks to statistics

Bengt Johansson, you’re Atrium Ljungberg’s Floor Manager and responsible for communication in the Sickla Shopping Centre. Tell us about this commercial centre.

Sickla Shopping Centre is a perfect place for visitors to enjoy a stroll and do something exciting together. It has a soul. You can feel the history of the Centre where so much of the original structure has been preserved, such as the beams in the ceiling, and you can see where they drilled for samples long ago. There’s even a mine here.

The commercial sector has been going through some tough years. How do things look for Sickla Shopping Centre?

Competition is certainly very fierce. What’s more, we have a discerning customer group with spending power. They know what they want. Things are going well for Sickla Shopping Centre despite the economic slowdown. There are currently no spaces available for lease.

Sickla Shopping Centre receives good reviews as a commercial business area. How do you stay on top?

We offer an interesting variety of shops and facilities and we’re also good at creating an integrated centre. This is where our internal information enters the picture. The newsletters are a vital channel.

How long have you been using APSIS Pro for the newsletters?

SinCe 2009.

Why APSIS Pro?

We needed to change our previous newsletters so we looked at what the market had to offer. APSiS was offering not only the best customer relations, it also had a strong, competitive portfolio of products and services.

What were you using previously?

Outlook, mailing lists and PDFs. And it didn’t work all that well. The legibility was often poor and the template was static and there were times when we found it difficult to fill it with content of any worth.

What is good about APSIS?

The training they offer is excellent as it explains the tool in a very easy-to- understand way. The support they provide is also unmatched - i get answers and help right away. i also have to say that i appreciate the personal contact that APSiS gives. The service they provide exceeds expectations. Henry Pautsch, our contact person, is always readily available, which is important because Sickla Shopping Centre is not exactly a nine-to-five business.

And what makes APSIS Pro so good?

I use the basic templates in APSiS Pro. everything is extremely flexible. it’s easy to make changes. Whether the newsletters are long or short, they always look great.

How do your mailings work?

The newsletters are sent out around the 20th of each month. I get started with the next one the following day as this gives me time to pick up snippets of news and information that might be interesting to include. The moment of truth comes a week or so after the newsletter has been mailed out. That’s when I check the traffic and statistics. You learn a great deal by looking at how the links have been clicked on. This gives real feedback on what our subscribers want to read. APSIS Pro is an easy-to-use, versatile tool. It takes me about half an hour to write and create a regular newsletter.
The statistics speak for themselves. But what do the subscribers say? I send out all the newsletters myself, so all the feedback comes to me. And it’s positive. People enjoy receiving and reading the newsletters.

What’s the next step?

We are going to re-style the layout of the newsletter to bring it in line with our new external marketing. We’re also considering creating newsletters for end customers.

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