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Posted 10th June 2015 by APSIS

How Arla Foods increased app downloads by 500%

We have mentioned before that with the wealth of customer data and information available to brands i...

Tags: Data-Driven Marketing

Posted 4th June 2015 by APSIS

Beacon Technology: Why the Slow Uptake?

Beacons have been around for a couple of years now and are a new approach to solving an old problem:...

Tags: Data-Driven Marketing

Posted 26th May 2015 by APSIS

Direct Mail: It’s the Future!

Yes, you read correctly: Old fashioned, above-the-line, direct mail is back....

Tags: Data-Driven Marketing

Posted 13th May 2015 by APSIS

Why Marketers Need a Two-Speed IT Architecture

If your marketing objectives or activities are being hindered by lengthy IT change programmes, then...

Tags: Data-Driven Marketing

Posted 5th May 2015 by APSIS

Are you losing your customers at the checkout?

Three things struck the same chord with me last week and prompted me to ask the above question (in m...

Tags: Data-Driven Marketing

Posted 30th April 2015 by APSIS

Why Customer Lifecycle Desperately Needs Profiles

I have written in previous blogs about why Profiles are going to become more and more important for...

Tags: Data-Driven Marketing

Posted 22nd April 2015 by APSIS

Personalising web content is easier than you may think

Personalising web content isn’t hard.  ...

Tags: Data-Driven Marketing

Posted 8th April 2015 by APSIS

Don’t write off email just yet…

How crucial is email to your digital marketing strategy?  ...

Tags: Data-Driven Marketing

Posted 25th March 2015 by APSIS

How to develop a predictive analytics application – 4 tricky challenges

Prediction is an exciting, relatively new addition to the data types that marketers can use to enhan...

Tags: Data-Driven Marketing

Posted 11th March 2015 by APSIS

3 problems with personalisation… and how to solve them

The truly personalised experience is something coveted by both modern marketers and their consumers....

Tags: Data-Driven Marketing


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