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Posted 3rd March 2015 by APSIS

The 2 Biggest Problems with Single Customer View – and How to Solve Them

Over the last 5 months I have spoken at and attended several events about Single Customer View (SCV)...

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Posted 25th February 2015 by APSIS

How to become an MTO – 4 factors to consider

75% of CEOs believe marketers are always asking for more money, but can rarely explain how much incr...

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Posted 17th February 2015 by APSIS

Personalise, predict, recommend… What’s the difference?

In my last blog, I offered a technical perspective on personalisation – what it is and how it works....

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Posted 10th February 2015 by APSIS

Solving the Big Data Challenge – The Agony of Choice

“….frustration abounds around the implementation and usability of marketing technology which is ofte...

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Posted 28th January 2015 by APSIS

Personalisation – A Technical Perspective

My name is Shahab Mokarizadeh and I have a PhD in Computer and Information Systems from the Royal In...

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Posted 27th January 2015 by APSIS

Customer Profiles: 5 campaign ideas to get started

Across the companies I speak to there is a strong desire to move towards a centralised Profile for e...

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Posted 7th January 2015 by APSIS

3 things your customers are telling you right now

2014 is over....

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Posted 3rd December 2014 by APSIS

Small data – the needle in the big data haystack

The story of Big Data seems to be entering its third stage now....

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Posted 26th November 2014 by APSIS

Knowing me, knowing you – how to build the perfect customer profile

Out shopping with various friends and relatives recently, it has been interesting to hear them all f...

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Posted 20th November 2014 by APSIS

For Fluff’s sake! Are marketers really “fluffy and weak”?

We are confident, in marketing circles today, that the old adage of “half my advertising works, I ju...

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