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Posted 22nd May 2018 by Tim Reher

5 Triggered Transactional Emails That Create True Business Value

Your CRM system is the vessel that contains valuable customer insights. So, how can you create true business value with triggered transactional emails? Our integrations evangelist delivers the answer!

Tags: Integrations, Data-Driven Marketing

Posted 18th April 2018 by Sarah Chase

“You Need to Integrate Your Systems to Keep up with Digital Demands”

What part does APIs and Integrations play when it comes to data-driven marketing and the customer experience? Our very own tech-savvy expert Max Gunstone answers these questions – and much more!

Tags: Integrations, Data-Driven Marketing

Posted 3rd August 2016 by APSIS

Product News: So. Many. Updates.

We love tweaking our products, making them shinier and obsessing over their small functionalities. Discover what we've cooked up in the APSIS kitchen recently...

Tags: Integrations, E-commerce, Lead Management