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Posted 25th August 2020 by Sarah Chase

Personalise, Save Time And Align: 4 Integrations For 7 Pain Points

Every single marketer and organisation struggles with manual work. But what if we told you that there’s another way – a reality with fewer imports and exports? Well, the magic solution might be as simple as an integration.

Tags: integrations, e-commerce, lead management

Posted 11th August 2020 by Dag Thorén

Dynamic Assets: How to Automate Content Production in Email Marketing

Working with content involves some tedious and repetitive tasks. So, what if there’s a way to feed content from an external data source into your marketing emails? Let’s have a closer look at a new feature called Dynamic Assets.

Tags: email marketing, marketing automation, e-commerce, product news

Posted 9th July 2020 by Sarah Chase

18 Data-Driven Resources Every Marketer Needs To Dive Into

The marketing sphere is filled to the brim with tools, terms and strategies you need to track. During this time of year, business, customers and life, in general, tend to slow down. So, If you’re looking for inspiration – seek no further! This blog post contains 18 must-sees and must-reads that'll last you all summer.

Tags: marketing automation, data-driven marketing

Posted 15th June 2020 by Olga Dufvenberg

Asking for a Friend… Data-Driven Basics Explained

The world of data-driven marketing is a jungle of terms, abbreviations, systems and concepts. And too often, it just sounds like something you heard in a sci-fi movie... To help you out, we’ve gathered 9 questions you always wanted to ask, but never dared to!

Tags: data-driven marketing

Posted 10th June 2020 by Dag Thorén

Six Hacks for Creating an On-brand Email Marketing Template

Struggle to create an on-brand experience in your emails? Gareth Emery, Head of Product Design at APSIS, shares his top hacks for how to use your brand's website as a reference for maintaining a consistent experience in your customer's inbox.

Tags: email marketing, marketing automation, product news

Posted 25th May 2020 by Sarah Chase

Customer Retention: What It Is And How It Helps To Sustain Business

There's no denying that we're in uncertain times. Even though you might feel inclined to focus your efforts on acquisition, you shouldn’t forget about the customers you already have. Let’s explore why customer retention matters for sustaining business now – and in the future.

Tags: integrations, marketing automation, data-driven marketing, lead management

Posted 11th May 2020 by Dag Thorén

Turn Website Behaviour Into Dynamic Content In Marketing Automation

Now we're taking personalisation to the next level as we enable all APSIS One users to turn behavioural website data into dynamic email content in Marketing Automation.

Tags: product news

Posted 14th April 2020 by Sarah Chase

How Marketers Can Adapt to COVID-19: From Data to Low-Hanging Fruit

Marketers and businesses are facing hardship amid the coronavirus pandemic. But how, and in which ways, should you react to the turmoil? Get tips from data to low-hanging fruit in this 8-minute read.


Tags: marketing automation, data-driven marketing

Posted 27th March 2020 by Dag Thorén

Fresh Email Templates for Your Spring and Easter Campaigns

For most digital marketers, Easter marks the starting point for the upcoming sales offers and digital marketing campaigns.

Tags: product news

Posted 23rd March 2020 by Olga Dufvenberg

Why Engagement is Key: From First Interaction to Second Purchase

To overcome the challenges that come with the growth of online retail, you need to focus on engaging your target audience. But how can you ride the tide of engagement? And why is personalisation a force to be reckoned with? We’ll bring you the answers in this blog post!

Tags: e-commerce, data-driven marketing