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Posted 21st September 2011 by APSIS

Relevance - the only way to get loyal subscribers and customers

The perfect newsletter – what does it look like?Actually, it doesn’t exist....

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Posted 12th September 2011 by APSIS


Granngården is a classic, well known company in Sweden....

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Posted 2nd September 2011 by APSIS

Image blocking

Do you use images in your newsletter?...

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Posted 1st September 2011 by APSIS

Atrium Ljungberg

Sickla Shopping Centre stands on a site of industrial history....

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Posted 23rd August 2011 by APSIS

How to create an Internet survey

The answer to a question always depends on how the question is posed....

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Posted 17th August 2011 by APSIS

Clio, a historic book club

 Clio is a book club for those interested in history....

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Posted 7th August 2011 by APSIS


Hotelzon is a leading corporate online hotel booking company offering booking services and technolog...

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Posted 5th August 2011 by APSIS

Nordic Sugar and e-mail marketing

With a focus on sugar Nordic Sugar is the leading sugar supplier to the northern European market....

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Posted 10th July 2011 by APSIS

About deliverability for email marketing

The one part of email marketing that gets the least, undeserved neglect, would probably be the one o...

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Posted 1st July 2011 by APSIS

Deliverability 2012: Everything is about Relevance

The first step to success in e-mail marketing is to ensure that whatever you send reaches its recipi...

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