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Posted 7th September 2012 by APSIS

Email trends 2012: Delivarability

The biggest challenge for you as an email marketer in 2012 is deliverability....

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Posted 17th May 2012 by APSIS

Video: Mobile email evolution with Anders Frankel - Helsinki 2012


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Posted 22nd April 2012 by APSIS

Surveys, a road to a better newsletter

Many companies use surveys in order to find out more about their customers and what they think of th...

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Posted 18th January 2012 by APSIS

How to use timing and news ​​in your e-mail

 If you have seen one of our breakfast seminars live or online from the spring of 2011 in Sweden, yo...

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Posted 14th November 2011 by APSIS

Split test – the easy way to find out what works

Do you find it hard to decide which image to choose for your email message?...

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Posted 28th October 2011 by APSIS

Mobile e-mail makes open rates less relevant

To measure, to test and to understand what makes e-mail marketing work is essential for anyone worki...

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Posted 3rd October 2011 by APSIS

Planning - an easy step to create better newsletters

If you have been sending newsletters for a while, you have a firsthand experience of the possibiliti...

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Posted 26th September 2011 by APSIS

Permission - the key to successful email marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective, fast, profitable and measurable way to communicate.It helps you...

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Posted 21st September 2011 by APSIS

Relevance - the only way to get loyal subscribers and customers

The perfect newsletter – what does it look like?Actually, it doesn’t exist....

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Posted 12th September 2011 by APSIS


Granngården is a classic, well known company in Sweden....

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