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Posted 5th May 2011 by APSIS

Using RFM in E-Mail Marketing

One of the most popular and efficient tools used by marketers for understanding their audience and c...

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Posted 21st February 2011 by APSIS

E-mail drives offline purchases

E-mail has become a popular channel to market products to consumers as well as other companies....

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Posted 8th December 2010 by APSIS

To reach the inbox

Is it really necessary to care about deliverability in connection with email marketing?Oh yes.In the...

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Posted 15th October 2010 by APSIS

To make people read your newsletter

When using marketing via email there is an obvious chain of incidents that needs to work in order to...

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Posted 27th May 2010 by APSIS

What makes you click?

These are a few of the most commonly asked questions people ask us at Apsis....

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Posted 27th March 2010 by APSIS

Welcome! Oh, really?

Do you ever think about the first impression you make? What to say? What to wear?...

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Posted 12th February 2010 by APSIS

Creating a plan

One of our most popular series of articles in Sweden has been our E-mail University....

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Posted 14th December 2009 by APSIS

What about your preheader?

Today, most email clients block images by default....

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Posted 16th September 2009 by APSIS

The truth about Email Marketing

The popular TV show Mythbusters examines whether there is any truth to popular myths and beliefs....

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