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Posted 13th June 2019 by Sarah Chase

6 Easy Ways to Save Your Email Campaigns

Email campaigns can have the power to maintain existing business, as well as to attract new customers. But how can you maximise the might of email campaigns with small, yet efficient, means? Let’s walk through six life-saving tips!

Tags: email marketing, marketing automation

Posted 15th May 2019 by Amanda Gossell

3 Examples of How Automation Can Relieve Your Digital Pain points

Cart abandonment, lack of nurturing and dull data: the digital marketing painpoints can be plentiful. So, how can marketing automation help you solve your problems? Let’s paint a picture with three fictive cases.

Tags: marketing automation, e-commerce, data-driven marketing

Posted 21st April 2019 by APSIS

Setting up Your Cookie Banner? Here’s What You Need to Keep in Mind!

Almost a year has passed since the GDPR entered our minds. But going back to basics for some general rehearsals doesn’t really hurt – especially when it comes to the basics for gathering data and consent: cookie banners.

Tags: data-driven marketing

Posted 18th April 2019 by Sarah Chase

8 Data-Driven Tips to Tap into Millennials and Gen Z

What makes Millennials click and Gen Zers stick? Let’s explore the consumption patterns of the generations – and how to meet their digital demands.

Tags: marketing automation, e-commerce, data-driven marketing

Posted 11th April 2019 by APSIS

The 360-Degree Customer View: Customer Profiles and Marketing Automation

Profiles pinpoint your customers’ pain points, and merges demographic and psychographic data into ideal and actual customer personas. However, if you marry customer profiles with marketing automation, your personalisation and lead generation can be taken into new heights. How? Let’s see!

Tags: email marketing, marketing automation, data-driven marketing

Posted 20th March 2019 by Sahar Torabi

The e-Privacy Regulation: The Yin to GDPR’s Yang

Even though you might feel like the dust has barely settled after the GDPR-storm, the new e-Privacy Regulation will force you to take another hard look at your data processing prodedures. Our legal expert, Sahar Torabi, will give you the tools you need to hack it.

Tags: data-driven marketing

Posted 21st February 2019 by Sarah Chase

Why Ease is Key in Creating a Winning Customer Experience

Today’s fast-paced society is coloured by a quest for instant ease and gratification. So, how can you pinpoint the ultimate pain point in digital marketing? Let's explore with 6 examples!

Tags: email marketing, marketing automation, e-commerce, data-driven marketing

Posted 15th February 2019 by APSIS

6 Essential Steps to Create a Data-Driven Strategy

To move from mass to personal is no small feat. But we're here to help you out in 6 steps! 

Tags: data-driven marketing

Posted 28th January 2019 by APSIS

The CMO of 2020 – and Beyond

The CMO of 2020 is a business-focused growth hacker. What does this mean in practice? We’ve listed the three most significant aspects that is the foundation for a successful marketing leader in 2020 and beyond.

Tags: data-driven marketing

Posted 11th January 2019 by Sarah Chase

5 Critical Data-Driven Challenges for 2019

Are you a cautious marketer who wants to minimise hiccups before you set out on yout data-driven journey? In that case, this blog post is made for you.

Tags: marketing automation, e-commerce, data-driven marketing