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Posted 15th August 2019 by Sarah Chase

Why Customer Profiles Pave the Way for Email Success

There's no denying that data is becoming pivotal within email marketing. But how important are customer profiles in the scheme of it all? Get the answer in this 10-minute read!

Tags: email marketing, data-driven marketing

Posted 26th July 2019 by Amanda Gossell

How Ease of Use Can Elevate Your Digital Marketing

How can Ease of Use elevate your digital marketing? We’ve talked to the Copywriter Sarah Chase, who’s an expert in the field. Here she shares her thoughts on the subject for you to be able to deliver faster, smoother, and more comfortable solutions for your customers.

Tags: email marketing, marketing automation, data-driven marketing

Posted 22nd July 2019 by Amanda Gossell

5 Data-Driven Subjects to Soak Up This Summer

Summertime is prime time for reflection, inspiration and preparation. So, we’ve gathered five trending subjects that’ll make you stay cool this summer – and autumn.

Tags: marketing automation, e-commerce, data-driven marketing

Posted 16th July 2019 by Olga Dufvenberg

Raw, First-Party and Real-Time: The ABC’s of Data-Driven Marketing

Today, data-driven marketing has become the new norm. But in this rather new digital environment, there is a huge swarm of different data types buzzing around. That’s why we’ve gathered eight of them here - so you can decipher what data is useful where!

Tags: data-driven marketing

Posted 25th June 2019 by Kevin George

Does Font Psychology Affect Email Conversions?

What makes an email stand out? And what motivates the subscriber to take the desired action? Kevin George from EmailMonks offers you an answer and walks you through the land of fonts!

Tags: email marketing

Posted 19th June 2019 by Jarno Ahokas

Why Content is Critical for Marketing Automation Success

How much content is required to get the results from your marketing-automation endeavours? Our partner, Jarno Ahokas from Differo, answers the question in eight minutes!

Tags: marketing automation

Posted 13th June 2019 by Sarah Chase

6 Easy Ways to Save Your Email Campaigns

Email campaigns can have the power to maintain existing business, as well as to attract new customers. But how can you maximise the might of email campaigns with small, yet efficient, means? Let’s walk through six life-saving tips!

Tags: email marketing, marketing automation

Posted 2nd June 2019 by APSIS

Data-Driven Marketing Success: 5 Case Examples

Mattias Ward walks you through five examples of how data renders customer insights that can be personalised into data-driven marketing success!

Tags: data-driven marketing

Posted 15th May 2019 by Amanda Gossell

3 Examples of How Automation Can Relieve Your Digital Pain points

Cart abandonment, lack of nurturing and dull data: the digital marketing painpoints can be plentiful. So, how can marketing automation help you solve your problems? Let’s paint a picture with three fictive cases.

Tags: marketing automation, e-commerce, data-driven marketing

Posted 2nd May 2019 by APSIS

Getting Started: 8 Tips to Ace Your SMS Marketing

SMS is a quick and personal way to capture customer attention and to get your message across. But how can you use the medium to boost your marketing? We'll deliver the answer!

Tags: e-commerce, data-driven marketing