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Posted 14th December 2020 by APSIS

Automation, Data and 4 Expert predictions for 2021

We are living in a time where changes are made continuously. And working in a digital company requires us to be on top of the game. That’s why we asked 4 of our experts, in different areas, to predict what changes to expect for the coming year. Let's have a look.

Tags: integrations, marketing automation, data-driven marketing

Posted 22nd September 2020 by Guestblogger

How to align sales and marketing to increase customer value

Sales and marketing alignment is key to B2B business growth. But how can you align the two—when they’re aiming at different targets? Eduardo Alonso from the sales intelligence company Vainu shares how data can end the discord once and for all.

Tags: integrations, data-driven marketing, lead management

Posted 25th August 2020 by Sarah Chase

Personalise, Save Time And Align: 4 Integrations For 7 Pain Points

Every single marketer and organisation struggles with manual work. But what if we told you that there’s another way – a reality with fewer imports and exports? Well, the magic solution might be as simple as an integration.

Tags: integrations, e-commerce, lead management

Posted 25th May 2020 by Sarah Chase

Customer Retention: What It Is And How It Helps To Sustain Business

There's no denying that we're in uncertain times. Even though you might feel inclined to focus your efforts on acquisition, you shouldn’t forget about the customers you already have. Let’s explore why customer retention matters for sustaining business now – and in the future.

Tags: integrations, marketing automation, data-driven marketing, lead management

Posted 9th March 2020 by Amanda Gossell

5 Big Benefits With System Integrations

What’s the value of collecting all your marketing efforts in one place? And why is it the present, and the future, to integrate your different platforms so that they can work in unison? Here, we’ll walk you through the great benefits of system integrations.

Tags: integrations, e-commerce, data-driven marketing

Posted 10th November 2019 by Amanda Gossell

Omnichannel: How to Build Consistency Across Channels

During the last few years, we've moved from bulk to personalisation. To be able to keep up, you need to work with omnichannel marketing. And here, we’ll walk you through what it means.

Tags: email marketing, integrations, data-driven marketing

Posted 22nd May 2018 by Tim Reher

5 Triggered Transactional Emails That Create True Business Value

Your CRM system is the vessel that contains valuable customer insights. So, how can you create true business value with triggered transactional emails? Our integrations evangelist delivers the answer!

Tags: integrations, data-driven marketing

Posted 18th April 2018 by Sarah Chase

“You Need to Integrate Your Systems to Keep up with Digital Demands”

What part does APIs and Integrations play when it comes to data-driven marketing and the customer experience? Our very own tech-savvy expert Max Gunstone answers these questions – and much more!

Tags: integrations, data-driven marketing

Posted 3rd August 2016 by APSIS

Product News: So. Many. Updates.

We love tweaking our products, making them shinier and obsessing over their small functionalities. Discover what we've cooked up in the APSIS kitchen recently...

Tags: integrations, e-commerce