Email Marketing Evolved 2013 a summary



The Evolving non-shining tool

Email Marketing Evolved is an initiative by the strategic e-mail service provider APSIS. The aim is to bring the absolutely best speakers within email and digital marketing to the Nordics and to create the full day event that we always wanted to visit.

After a coffee and a savoring breakfast the seminar crash started with a high intense voting about who should have the honor to host the 2013 EME - Think Beyond.  Ann Hofvander won the close battle and came running in to welcome the 300 guests and present the first speaker.


“It’s not even sick!”

The high topic of the day was that we will never ever speak about the death, murder or killing of the email again! “It’s not even sick!” Instead it was portrayed and argued to be a corner stone when connecting people with the many thriving digital channels and has in fact never been more alive and evolving as it is today. Where we go, our emails follow. Where you can get your information through an email, that’s where we will find it and indisputably where the majority of us prefers to read and interact with it.

"... we like the shining new stuff"

How come we still don’t find the email tool steaming hot, sexy and shining when we know we can reach our audience in a cheap and efficient way through a simple click? This was another theme discussed and debated. And the consensus seemed to be that we like the shining new stuff and easily get distracted by it.

So the importance of focusing on the stuff that really matters such as a simple email with great content, relevant information, personalized offers written in a brutally good way – becomes yet more important to outshine the shining. This should push all marketers to the tip of their toes to evaluate the WHY we do things the way we do. When we understand and know  ”- Why?" vecause it has a huge impact on the revenue, then we know we are on the right track of becoming the shining. And the shining will grant us funding for long term email marketing activities that will get stronger business recognition.

"... considering deliverability"

The day finished off with the most important part of all. How to get our newsletter in to inbox? Easy you would say but this is an area to spend some extra time on when creating email success. How to collect, activate, reactivate, engage, drive members wherever you like them to be, or should we rephrase, where they like to be, are hugely important questions to ask when considering deliverability.

The worlds email traffic is highly monitored and tracked by various ISPs, spam filters and independent players such as Spamhaus and where they see fit they stop or block unwanted emails, or such that is perceived as spam. “You can be relevant, but still suck!” if you don’t listen to your audience and act accordingly, you won’t bring value to your clients and your open rates will decrease. If you keep sending unwelcome newsletters you might end up on a black list and “If you´re on it, you’re toast”. So it was stressed by the speakers to make list hygiene a part of any email marketing strategy and to trust your audience to know what is relevant and interesting for them, not for you.


We did our goodbyes and thank the speakers for the following tips and tricks to take home:

  • Be relevant – but be relevant to the person behind the email address. This creates trust and interest and the urge to share the content. See all your members as potential ambassadors for your brand. You don’t believe what you see, you believe what you hear from your friends and when the timing is right.

– Thank you for your last purchase of Adidas shoes. It so happened that we now have a matching cap on sale – Click to buy and share with a friend!

  • Learn to write - It’s not only the content that matters but the way it’s been written. You have a 2,7 second timeframe to get your audience attention before they decide that something else is of more importance. You can stand out just by being a good communicator!

– Instead of writing “Buy now! Great offer” think about how you in a compelling way can introduce a reduced price. “A treat for our VIPs- Limited offer”.

  • Be creative and dare to test new ideas and act upon the response – create a segment, 1-2% of your total member base and ask for their input, try a new newsletter layout, try sending at a new time, with higher frequency. Or divide your member base in two part and do a split test on different subject lines, pre-header text or such.

– Divide your member base in 2. 50% will receive an email with an aggressive offering in the top with bright colors. The rest of your members will receive a more laidback offer in the top with mellow colors. What do you think we have the highest clicks?

  • Mobile optimize your sendouts – Our world is getting more and more mobile and the importance to follow people where they are is key. It shouldn’t matter in which devise you open your email, the reader experience and quality should be the same.

– It’s not uncommon that you glance at your emails on the bus and well at work you have yet another peak. Consider how your top offer and text should be displayed in the mobile device to look attractive enough to engage the recipient further.

  • Generate leads and collect data to support your email marketing strategy – Attract the “right” members and customers and ask them for data that will support your marketing objective. When setting up an incentivized competition consider who might get on board for the incentive, and if you have the resources to engage and activate this segment. Perhaps another sign up strategy would work better for you.

– We are changing our logo and would love your input! Send us your best example and you are in the running of winning a year’s worth of food.

  • Learn to measure your results - Email marketing is one of the easiest channels to measure. Present your results and strategies for your management team and prove the business value your activities have.

– After spending 150€ on a new template design our ROI increased by staggering 26%!

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