Hotelzon is a leading corporate online hotel booking company offering booking services and technology to corporate clients, hotels and agency partners. Hotelzon has an extensive customer base – in total, the corporate client base exceeds 15 000 customers. Hotelzon processed more than 1.5 million room nights in 2010. Hotelzon is headquartered in London, UK, and has subsidiaries in Sweden, Finland, UK and Hong Kong.


• Set up a number of automated email triggers
• Increase lead generation to sales department
• Have personalised communication with different target groups


• Integration between CRM and APSIS Pro
• Extensive use of the Trigger Module in APSIS Pro
• Customized use of Apsis’ API to generate leads


• Automated e-mail trigger flows for several occasions
• Ability to generate leads from email signups – based on interest
• Easier and more comprehensive generation of leads

Newsletters: a convenient way to communicate

– We have worked with APSIS Pro for a few years now. The primary reason for choosing Apsis was the simplicity; we like to have option to produce content externally but still be in control of producing and sending the newsletters, says Matti Rautanen, Digital Marketing Manager at Berling Capital Oy, owner of Hotelzon.

– Our monthly newsletter is aimed at hotel professionals, it is pure business-to-business communication. But that is not to say that we do not have an ambition to make it personal. Naturally, we have different versions of our newsletter depending on the market – the UK gets one newsletter and the Nordic countries another – but we try to segment within each newsletter as well and give each subscriber something of interest.

Several trigger flows builds a personal communication platform

A triggered email is prepared in advance and is automatically sent out to a single recipient whenever a specific action is triggered. A convenient way to communicate.

– Our primary goal has always been to have a personalised communication with our clients, Matti Rautanen explains. We have set up a number of automated trigger flows that are adapted to different types of subscribers, so that each reader gets personalised tips and remainders at specific intervals in time. This is a popular service; we see great results in the reports!

Easier lead generation

Generating leads for the sales department is an important and often difficult process for most companies. Hotelzon uses free content on their website as a way to find new prospects – and to communicate with existing readers.

– We have a large number of white papers and reports on our web site, explains Matti Rautanen. They are all free of charge, but we do require an e-mail address from the user who downloads a document. This address is then used in three ways: firstly, we see what papers the user is interested in. It tells us what kind of content he or she is wants in the newsletter, and we are able to personalise our communication.

– Secondly, we start a personalised trigger flow based on the download. By using the information about what content the user is interested in, we can recommend other papers and articles that they may be interested in downloading.

– And thirdly, we have a great new lead for our sales department. Not only do they have a name and an address, thanks to the reports from APSIS Pro they know a lot about what areas of interest the subscriber has. It is a great tool, both for prospecting and for future up-selling and cross-selling!

Next step: further integration

There are many advantages to having all your customer data gathered in a single database. Hotelzon is currently integrating its CRM system with APSIS Pro.

– The major reason for integrating APSIS Pro with our CRM is that it will help us with leads and customer care. Whenever a new prospect enters the system, either via paper downloads or other web forms, the contact information is forwarded to both the e-mail subscriber list and the sales department. This way, we will be able to both gather information and share it internally – and get better results in the end!

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