Product News: Introducing two new APSIS Profile Cloud apps!



Here at APSIS, we see a future where all digital marketing applications integrate with each other seamlessly. Marketers will only have to think about what they want to achieve, not methods, technologies or compatibilities.

And while there’s still some way to go before that future becomes our reality, our two new APSIS Profile Cloud apps are definitely a big step towards it: tying APSIS Pro and APSIS Profile Cloud much closer together, letting you get the best of both.


… But which two new apps are we talking about? Well, on February 1, 2017, we launched two apps called APSIS Pro Integration and Triggered Emails, respectively, in the APSIS Profile Cloud App Store.

Both of these applications have very specific purposes: APSIS Pro Integration lets you enrich your customer profiles in APSIS Profile Cloud with demographic data from your APSIS Pro accounts and email responses from your APSIS Pro newsletter sendings, while Triggered Emails gives you a way to send targeted, highly personalised emails based on individuals’ behaviour across all your channels.

Triggered Emails lets you use the powerful personalisation and segmentation possibilities in APSIS Profile Cloud. This means that you're able to trigger personalised emails to an individual using profile data when “something” happens, e.g. you can send a personalised email when an individual has visited a specific webpage 5 times.

Features of Triggered Emails:

  • Emails based on real-time behaviour from across all your channels

  • Highly personalised email, ensuring 1-on-1 communication between customer and company

  • Triggering of emails based on events configured in APSIS Profile Cloud

  • Full overview of all activities within one app

  • An easy-to-use, integrated email previewer allowing users to edit emails

Find out more about Triggered Emails from our downloadable fact sheet - get it here!


APSIS Pro Integration, on the other hand, is an app that lets you automatically sync APSIS Pro data into your customer profiles within APSIS Profile Cloud. This includes real-time email behaviour (sendings, opens, clicks, bounces or unsubscribes) and demographic data fields from one or several APSIS Pro accounts. 

Features of APSIS Pro Integration:

  • Enrich profiles in APSIS Profile Cloud with newsletter responses from APSIS Pro

  • Sync demographic data from APSIS Pro to profile attributes in APSIS Profile Cloud

  • Connect multiple APSIS Pro accounts to your APSIS Profile Cloud account

Get even more details about APSIS Pro Integration from our downloadable fact sheet!

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