What are advanced group trainings?

We created our APSIS Advanced Trainings for users who have already worked with our APSIS Pro solution, with email marketing in general, and who have preferably also attended our APSIS Basic training too and remember it well.

The 3-hour sessions are divided into two halves. First, we focus on getting to know the system itself; in the second half, we solve tasks which typically come up during your daily work. (Please bring your laptop for this final exercise!)

Advanced Newsletter training

Sending a newsletter is easy! In order to keep up with the growing demand of your audience, however, you need to send personalised content with high relevance to capture their interest and earn their trust. In this training session, we guide you through using dynamic content, advanced filters and data management, as well reading and acting upon your statistics. Don't worry: this training is still quite easy, but needs more thinking and a well-planned strategy to reach your goals.

Advanced Event training

Let us guide you through the steps of getting the most from your Event module. You will receive a useful overview of successful event do's and don’ts, managing different locations and participants. We will also talk about how to send invitations and reminders, how to take care of check-in procedures on the day of the event, and the importance of evaluating the event itself.

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