Ahlsell uses APSIS Pro for its digital marketing - see why!

“APSIS tools satisfy our many diverse needs.”

Ahlsell is the leading technical trading company in the Nordics in installation products, tools and machinery, with operations also in the Baltic States and Russia. Ahlsell offers professional users a wide range of goods and peripheral services and has about 4400 employees worldwide.

Ahlsell truck on the road

The challenge

Ahlsell was doing lots of different marketing and communication activities: everything from campaign letters and customer training invitations to internal communication and the company’s own Christmas party invitation. The company wanted to find a versatile tool to support all of these demands - a more secure and reliable system for their needs.

The solution:
Ahlsell started using APSIS and its diverse and easy-to-use functions. The adjustable module structure made sure that Ahlsell could produce various kinds of content. 

The result

“We use APSIS tools in our three-people marketing team a lot. We send our customers lots of campaign messages about different products, as well as trainings and other event invitations, of which we organise a lot online. In my experience, APSIS’ systems are very easy to use and diverse enough for our needs,” says Elina Kontola, Marketing Planner at Ahlsell Oy.

Ahlsell has been very satisfied with APSIS so far. ”We’ve been especially pleased with how many-sided our template is to use. The flexible module structure makes it easy to make good looking content ourselves, and we don’t need to use external advertising agencies that often. We’ve noticed that APSIS tools are very reliable, a factor we appreciate a lot,“ Kontola describes.

Ahlsell really appreciates how easy it is to collect feedback after their events. We get around 300-400 pieces of feedback each year, and APSIS is a fantastic tool to handle these! It’s easy and fast to make different kind of events with it, says Sari Rahikkala, Business Support Training Manager at Ahlsell, who uses APSIS a lot at her work.

Last but not least, Ahlsell has been very pleased with their cooperation with APSIS. “APSIS is an active and flexible partner and the cooperation has worked very well,” Elina Konkola sums up.

Intrigued? We thought so.