"We needed the glue between our data silos."

Dansk Supermarked is Denmark’s largest retailer, covering a range of supermarkets and grocery stores in Denmark and across Europe. Brands include Netto, Bilka and Salling.

Dansk Supermarked | APSIS Profile Cloud

The challenge

Dansk Supermarked was looking to build customer profiles across its many new technologies, through both digital and offline channels. They wanted to strengthen their focus on customer journeys.

The solution

The company embarked on a pilot project with APSIS Profile Cloud, initially looking at pre-purchase customer behaviour on the Bilka.dk website. Using APSIS Profile Cloud with this limited data set, Dansk Supermarked then started personalising web content based on both demographic and behavioural data, and is now seeing conversions increase by over 300%. 

The result

"Profiling in a multichannel landscape is challenging. We needed the glue between the silos, and APSIS Profile Cloud does exactly that!"
- Steen Kronborg, Chief Enterprise Architect

Enhanced insights with real-time information

Dansk Supermarked soon started thinking of APSIS Profile Cloud as the glue between their multiple data silos and channels. First, APSIS Profile Cloud created a profile of every unique visitor to the Bilka.dk website. Then these profiles were enriched with data from multiple data silos - including data from SAP - to give a single view of each customer and prospect, whether they have purchased or not. (All behavioural information had previously been in a silo.) Dansk Supermarked's clickstream data was also integrated into a multichannel marketing structure, alongside actionable demographic data such as geographic location.

The next step: offline and online together

Today, Dansk Supermarked's customer profile information is available across multiple platforms and technologies (such as Hybris), to make sure each technology is looking at the same data. From here, the company's able to run personalisation and email retargeting for visitors to the Bilka.dk site, basing their messages on geographic locations - those living in dense urban areas will not be sent offers about garden furniture or large sofas, for example. Following the initial success of this online project, Dansk Supemarked now wants to integrate their offline data with APSIS Profile Cloud. Since "bricks and mortar" still brings them their highest revenues and data richness, their next task is to import over 3TB of data to APSIS Profile Cloud and combine it with existing customer profiles.

To date, Dansk Supermarked has successfully used Profile Cloud to triple conversion rates across web personalisation and email retargeting campaigns. 

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