“APSIS Ecom increased Gigantti’s online sales by inviting customers back”

“APSIS succeeded very well in the Ecom project, and our results have been great. I gladly recommend APSIS and their Ecom solution!”

(Ville Heinonen, Online Traffic Manager)

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The company

Gigantti is the largest household appliance and electronics retailer in Finland. They offer a wide selection of different brands in all channels, with the most affordable prices. In addition to household appliances and electronics, Gigantti offers a wide range of services like deliveries, installations, product warranties and options for different payment methods. Gigantti is a part of the Norwegian Elkjøp Group, which is a part of English household appliance group Dixons Carphone Plc. The turnover of the company is appr. 460 MEUR.

The challenge

Despite ongoing optimisation and testing, visitors were abandoning their shopping carts without finishing their purchase on the online store. Gigantti also wanted to find a solution that could help the customers to finish their purchases.

The solution

APSIS Ecom sends an automatic email reminder to customers, which helps them return to their abandoned shopping carts without having to start the whole process from the scratch. Gigantti was looking for a solution they could implement in other Nordic countries in the future if necessary.

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The result

  • 9% of customers who received the abandoned cart email ended up finishing their purchase. 
  • Customers that returned through APSIS Ecom ended up purchasing 25% more products than average customers.
  • Customers that returned through APSIS Ecom ended up spending 24% more (EUR) than average customers.
  • Customers have positive reactions to the abandoned cart emails and feel that they are good customer service.

Gigantti started using APSIS Ecom in the autumn of 2015. They wanted to find a solution that could help customers return to their abandoned shopping carts effortlessly, without starting the whole purchase process from scratch.  

We chose APSIS Ecom because it was able to be implemented quickly. It’s important for us to test all our solutions, so that we can implement them in all Nordic countries if necessary,says Ville Heinonen, Gigantti’s Online Traffic Manager. 

APSIS and Gigantti’s Ecom project was carried out speedily

“We’d been following the APSIS product offering with great interest before we started our cooperation. They managed to convince us of their expertise. In addition to the Ecom technique, we got new ideas about the content perspective of our email messages”, Heinonen describes.

Goal to improve the customer experience

Gigantti wanted to reach their customers with a clear, service-minded message that makes online shopping more effortless. “Our customers have received our abandoned cart emails very well, and they think it’s good customer service. Since starting up, we’ve already added elements that improve the customer experience, like individual product recommendations”, adds Heinonen.

APSIS Ecom exceeded expectations

Even though Gigantti hasn’t used APSIS Ecom for too long, the results have been significant.

“9 % of the customers that received the abandoned cart email went back to finish their purchase. The purchase value (EUR) was 24% higher for the customers that returned through APSIS Ecom, compared to our average online purchase value. We also noticed that customers that return through APSIS Ecom buy 25% more products than our average customers”, Heinonen says. “Abandoned shopping cart emails really proved their power during our Black Friday campaign, for example. Our online store crashed temporarily, due to the high amount of visitors. Thanks to APSIS, we were able to return some of the shopping carts, and happy customers got their products.”

The cooperation has been excellent

APSIS’s ability to implement the Ecom solution quickly, as well as our knowledge of the industry, were both important factors for Gigantti. “Our contact people at APSIS have been able to answer our questions and satisfy our needs delightfully fast. In addition to our local contact, we received lots of good perspectives from APSIS about finding a solution for our entire Nordic group”, Heinonen sums up.

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