"Our mission: to provide experiences that exceed expectations."

Haikko has worked together with APSIS since 2010. Customer Service and Sales Team manager Jaana Hujanen was part of the team at Haikko Hotel Manor that decided to use APSIS. At the time, they had various email system providers to choose from. Their biggest reason for choosing APSIS was that they felt it was so easy to use. Getting customer support in their local language (Finnish) was also a major benefit for Haikko, and its importance has just grown year by year since then - not just because of the language, but for the speed and quality of service too.

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The benefits of going multichannel

Haikko uses both online and offline channels to get more newsletter subscribers: people can opt-in on their website, fairs and other events too.

Naturally, they want their website and newsletter to look as much alike as possible - so they can provide a seamless customer experience. Haikko’s motto is “providing experiences that exceed expectations”, and they want to highlight this mentality in their email marketing.

This is also why they’ve decided (after testing) to send their subscribers a monthly newsletter - otherwise they’ve noticed a rise in their opt-out rates.

In addition to email marketing, Haikko also puts lots of effort into other online channels as well, especially social media (Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest). They’ve also started to chat online with their visitors to increase conversions.

Because of all this focus on online channels, their printing costs have become a fraction of what they were before. It makes sense, since according to Hujanen, Haikko has noticed their consumers going online more and more.



"We’ve been hotel business forerunners in Finland when it comes to digital marketing. Since we’re a mid-size organization, we appreciate having a partner’s special know-how in digital marketing. This is why it’s important to us that APSIS offers easy-to-use and well-working solutions, as well as tells us about new possibilities and solutions. APSIS goes ’information first’, which lets us become well-understood as a customer," Hujanen describes.


New plans for B2B segment

As for the future? Haikko is about to start sending emails specifically targeted towards their business customers. When planning for their new newsletter template, Haikko did have certain requests, but generally wanted to give APSIS the freedom to design the template however we want.

The final result has made the hotel very happy."The visual dimension of our marketing is especially important for us. We wanted to have some difference between our usual and business newsletters, so that our recipients know immediately which one they’re getting,” Hujanen says, adding: “We decided to do this because we have subscribers who’ve signed up to both of our email lists. I really feel that we worked very well together with APSIS on this project - and the results look terrific!"

Haikko constantly monitors their email marketing results and reports. According to Hujanen, both their open and click rates are consistently good. However, Hujanen admits that following up on the conversion rate is sometimes a challenge in the hotel/spa business. Quite often, someone will get an offer via email - but before making the reservation, they discuss it with their partner during the evening. Because of this, the conversion shows up as coming from another channel, not email.

A partner to count on

Haikko appreciates that APSIS is a trustworthy, reliable partner to work with. Hujanen also sees a lot of extra benefits in the webinars, seminars and trainings APSIS holds regularly - she thinks the content is useful, informative and the ability to network with other APSIS users at events is extremely valuable. “At Haikko, we say we want to provide experiences that exceed expectations. And APSIS has been able to provide this for us,”, Hujanen wraps up.

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