Sunfleet Personalises the Customer Experience with Marketing Automation

Sunfleet is the leading provider of on-demand car sharing for private as well as business purposes. The company currently offers access to 1500 cars at 50 different locations throughout Sweden. Sunfleet’s CMO, Sandra Ryberg, says that the marketing department utilise multiple digital channels to create brand awareness and deliver relevant information to members.


Customised solution


- Our greatest challenge is to set aside the time we need to get things done, says Sandra Ryberg. Furthermore, she tells us that the automobile is a vital aspect in their customers’ daily lives. As Sunfleet’s members have high expectations on the customer experience, Sandra and her marketing team prioritise the delivery of relevant information to their customers.


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Together with APSIS' digital experts, Sunfleet has implemented a customised solution for automated emails that caters to each step of the customer journey.

– We’ve previously worked with automated emails through our booking system. However, we identified a need to increase the focus on targeting our new members with the a welcome flow.

Sunfleet customer case


Sandra Ryberg emphasises the importance of being able to work in a proactive way. This is achievable with statistics retrieved from APSIS’ tool, which enables them to see who’s opened and clicked. As a result, they can see who's partaken in the information in their emails.

As a part of their quest to increase their efficiency, Sunfleet has worked with APSIS to implement automated emails that ease the recruitment of new customers. With the help of APSIS’ tools, Sunfleet’s customers can receive personalised messages:

– The purpose of using marketing automation is to build a flow before the individual becomes a customer. We want to simplify the process of using our service. The forms enable us to nurture leads through automated flows.

With the help of APSIS marketing automation, Sandra Ryberg can focus her time on delivering a great customer experience:

– The work runs smoothly, and we can work methodologically with manual tasks. It frees up a lot of time for us.

Sandra Ryberg tells us that their strategy for personalising the messages has delivered clear results, as their open rate and bookings have increased.

– We continuously increase the number of leases and members. This is due to several factors, but I’m convinced that APSIS and the solutions we use is a considerable factor in our growth, concludes Sandra Ryberg.

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