“Marketing automation makes us smarter and faster”

Net1 is a supplier of wireless communication solutions for professional users with a strong focus on machine-to-machine for critical businesses. The company positions itself as a leading provider of high-security solutions. Additionally, they deliver an all-covering network for machine-to-machine connections with their 450MHz broadband.


One of Net1's challenges was to follow their customers’ journey through the digital marketing channels, and on to the their first meeting with the sales department. To avoid spending time on cold calls, Net1's salesforce wanted detailed information about potential customer’s needs and level of engagement.


The key to increase the effectiveness was to enhance collaboration between marketing and sales. This is why Net1's Chief Marketing Officer, Kim Schwerin, decided to implement APSIS’ solution for identifying visitors, this provided the salesforce with detailed customer insights. In addition, Kim Schwerin used APSIS to create automated email flows in order to boost relevance for leads and customers.



– Marketing automation creates a larger quantity of qualified leads. This gives our salesforce a better foundation to work from, and it helps our customers to choose the right solution, says Kim Schwerin, Chief Marketing Officer at Net1.

The automated email provides Net 1’s salespeople with customer data that helps them tailor the conversation in accordance to the customer’s needs and wishes. This strategy also creates a higher lead quality since it's possible to identify signs of purchase intent.

Marketing automation has a positive effect on Net1's efforts in content marketing. Net1’s marketing team has, together with APSIS, set up conversion points for anyone interested in more exclusive content. This conversion marks the first step in Net1’s automated customer journey.

– It’s much easier for us to analyse and see if we’re relevant to our customers, and we can target smaller audiences but still achieve the same impact, says Kim Schwerin.

Going forward, Net1 is planning to amp up their automated flows in order to achieve a higher sense of relevance and preciseness for their audience.

– As a smaller brand, we need to stay a few steps ahead and continuously evolve to improve our business and marketing activities, finishes Net1:s Chief Marketing Officer, Kim Schwerin.

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