"We strengthened our brand with APSIS."

Venstre’s core business is political work, with stable and healthy voter support as a main objective. A clear challenge for Venstre is that the product it sells is politics. Politics plays out in a space over which they have only partial control - and as a result, Venstre has to communicate messages that do not always meet expectations. Another challenge is that their email list is made up of both members and other interested parties. E-mails therefore alternate between being external communications and internal communications.

Venstre has a flexible plan for member communications and topics. In addition, there are political issues which are akin to fresh produce. The primary focus will be an outlet for political victories and advertising for internal events.

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opening rate


increased click rate

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The challenge

  • Increasing the list size
  • Strengthening the Venstre brand
  • Increasing the number of paying subscribers
  • Informing (about political victories, events and agreements)
  • Activating (training, meetings, events and other things)

The solution

Venstre was looking for an e-mail tool that is easy to use and offers a professional and neat appearance. It was also essential that the software would be compatible with their websites and register of members. Venstre felt they had reached the maximum potential of the old software (MailChimp). New software was required to improve quality, especially of personalised communications.

The ability to customise high-quality and user-friendly templates, as well as effective personal follow-ups with a contact in Oslo, were decisive factors for Venstre in choosing APSIS. The ability to segment at the module level was also very important, and was something that Venstre was most pleased to see the results of.

The way that Venstre works in political organisations requires its partners to be efficient and patient. APSIS has demonstrated itself to be both.

The result

Venstre’s newsletter has become simpler, more transparent, more attractive and far more functional since the introduction of APSIS.

APSIS has increased the opening rate by around 10% and the click rate by around 6% following its introduction. For communications where Venstre has followed APSIS’s advice regarding content and design, the average opening and click rate has been even higher.

Without advertising or campaigns, Venstre has increased the number of subscribers by around 1,000. This comes despite the fact that Venstre has cleaned up the lists considerably during the period (e.g. bounced communications) to achieve a better list quality.

A call-to-action button in all newsletters with a request to pay membership dues noticeably increased the payment rate for the first quarter. This has been demonstrated both through the click rate for this button and actual payments for the first quarter.

The segmentation of the call-to-action buttons has been successful and resulted in more enrolments and more payments.

Venstre has had great success with newsletters encouraging donations. The largest share of donations are attributable to the period after the call for donations through APSIS’s newsletter went out.

In general, all the features of APSIS are working very well, including image/text features, segmentation, reports and the like. Venstre is now working on implementing integration between the register of members and APSIS.

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